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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How is the company's work and rest system arranged?

Working hours: 8:30-18:00, lunch break: 12:00-13:30. The Group implements a flexible attendance system. The attendance time can be up to 9:00 at the latest, and the off-work time need to be delayed accordingly.

How long is my probation?

The probation period is from half a month to two months, and the employer will decide whether you can be a regular employee on schedule according to your actual work performance. Your salary during the probation period will be consistent with the regular employee's basic salary.

When can I know the result after the interview?

The interview results are generally released within 2-5 working days after the interview. If you do not receive the interview results, you can contact HR or the official recruitment WeChat account.

Will there be a tutor to teach me after entry?

Definitely. The Group implements a two-tutor system for new employees. There will be a career growth tutor and a working tutor to help you grow faster. The career growth tutor is responsible for your career planning and psychological guidance, and the working tutor is responsible for teaching you work-related skills.

Does the Group provide staff dormitories?

The Group currently provides dormitories or accommodation subsidies for interns, you can choose one; employees within 2 years of graduation can have accommodation subsidies within 1 year after their entry.

Are there any benefits that I will have after entry?

Rest and Vacation: we arrange vacations according to national statutory holidays;

Insurance Benefits: we provide all kinds of insurances that should be guaranteed;

Subsidy Mechanism: we provide all kinds of subsidies including the subsidies for education, language, food, housing, transportation, telephone bill and high temperature;

Career Development: we implement a dual track promotion mechanism, and we provide two promotion opportunities every year;

Training System: Sellers Union College provides you with diversified courses to help you grow continuously;

Cultural Activities: S-Week, internal society activities, team building activities, anniversary celebration activities;

Other Benefits: overseas travelling, paid annual leave, annual physical examination, birthday benefits, afternoon tea.

Contact Us

Ningbo Operation Center

Add: Sellers Building, No.288 Guanghua Road, High-Tech Zone, Ningbo

WeChat: sellersunion1997

Tel: 0574-27620918/27833631/27833913

Yiwu Operation Center

Add: Sellers Building, No. 529 North Zongze Road, Yiwu

WeChat: sellerunion-Boss

Tel: 0579-85096042/85096043/89892258

Hangzhou Office

Add: Block A, Huaxingchuangye Park, No.500 Jucai Road, Binjiang District, Hangzhou

WeChat: UnionDeco

Tel: 0571-81961873

School-Enterprise Cooperation

  • Deep Cooperation Between the Group
    and Ningbo University

    Deep Cooperation Between the Group and Ningbo University

    The cooperation between the Group and Ningbo University started in 2019, aiming to make full use of the Group's leading advantages in the foreign trade industry, inviting executives and business backbones as lecturers for school-enterprise cooperation projects, providing professional foreign trade practical training and career development planning guidance for students, and promoting the two-way integration and development of university education and vocational training. Bilateral cooperation has entered a new stage of building an "Off-Campus Practical Education Base" from the foreign trade special training camp project.

  • Zhejiang University of Finance & Economics Carried Out Foreign Trade Practical Training Camp Project

    Zhejiang University of Finance & Economics Carried Out Foreign Trade Practical Training Camp Project

    The Group opened a foreign trade practical training camp at Zhejiang University of Finance & Economics in 2022. The special training camp adheres to the concept of "Sincere Communication and Complementary Advantages", which encourages students to actively participate in foreign trade practical courses, helps university students improve industry awareness, formulate career plans, and enhance workplace adaptability. Both sides will continue to implement practical school-enterprise cooperation projects, forming a virtuous cycle of professional enrollment, training and employment.

  • The Group OrganizeD A Horse-Racing-Class Wild Breeze Activity

    The Group OrganizeD A Horse-Racing-Class Wild Breeze Activity

    In May 2021, the Human Resources Department of the Group organized the students of horse-racing-class to carry out a Wild Breeze public welfare activity in Qingjiangan. The collective public welfare activity fully demonstrated the Group's responsibility and leading role in social public welfare and charity undertakings, helped the students understand the group's unique charity and public welfare system, actively practiced public welfare service activities, and enhanced their sense of identification, integration, and belonging to the Group.

  • Sellers Union Silk Road Carnival

    Sellers Union Silk Road Carnival

    On 27th October, 2021, the University of Nottingham Ningbo China held its first Silk Road themed large-scale campus cultural event "Sellers Union · Silk Road Carnival" and "International Community Cultural Festival". The carnival attracted many young foreign students, teachers and entrepreneurs from over 50 countries and regions in Ningbo.

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