Cultivating Talents with Professional Courses

Date: 2023-07-11 Views: 50

Youth Foreign Trade Creation Camp

On June 30th, the 4th "Youth Foreign Trade Creation Camp" initiated by Union Vision officially started. The tutors, teaching assistants and students witnessed the opening ceremony together. The course is continuously optimized and upgraded to the plus version on the basis of previous courses. There are two learning stages for students, which can help them become more professional in a short term.

At the opening ceremony, the students made self-introductions full of enthusiasm, which demonstrated the vitality of new generations. Finally, Lemon Hou, General Manager of Union Vision, expressed her best wishes to the students. She hoped that the students could keep up with the courses, digest new knowledge, adapt to new roles, and quickly improve their comprehensive abilities in the next two months.

Procurement Team Coaching Workshop

In June, the procurement team coaching workshop designed by Sellers Union College for Union Vision was successfully ended.

The course specially invited a well-known lecturer to help the procurement team open their hearts and speak freely through the course. During the course, each member communicated with colleagues and leaders sincerely. Based on the four dimensions of "past, present, future and next step", they sorted out their future-oriented plans. At the same time, the course focused on the learning team that continues to iterate and grow, helping new and old purchasers develop in multiple ways. In addition, the third phase of the course also invited export sales to join the workshop to communicate and learn from each other, understand each other's ideas and needs, and shorten the distance between them.

The course helped the participants unify their direction and goals, which promoted better collaborative development of the team.